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I accidentally discovered Warwick Schiller, when I was searching the internet for ideas on separation anxiety in horses. I had acquired my first horse in 20 years, and of course it was an ex racehorse who had steeple chased... Within the first 30 seconds of watching one of Warwick's free videos on YouTube, I knew I had hit gold! And within a few short minutes, I knew that not only did I have to change the way I thought about horsemanship, I had also found the right person to learn from. Thanks to Warwick's extensive knowledge, and his ability to explain what's happening, and more importantly his ability to simply explain how and why his methods work, I now have a very calm and confident 'ex-racehorse', who is an absolute pleasure to own. It was Warwick's guidance and methods, that enabled me to catch a 'rogue' abandoned rig stallion after a bush fire destroyed the property he was kept on. And his endless knowledge and patience when I took the same horse to a clinic, made a remarkable change in the way that horse conducted himself. He's gone from a wild, distracted, scared, bully of a horse, to a butter soft gentleman with the bravest of hearts, who places his trust in you completely, no matter the situation. This is no nonsense, no gimmick horsemanship at it's best!
- Tony
I discovered Warwick Schiller performance Horsemanship in 2012. In March of 2014 my daughter and I traveled 24 hours from Ontario Canada to Florida to see first hand how Warwick worked the program with horses and their individual issues. I never expected the level of engagement he had with the spectators for demos, or to take away such an overwhelming wealth of knowledge. Warwick finds whatever analogy he can to make the lessons clear. Learning your ABC's before you can spell a word or the value of the Banana are some that stand out. He is always available for those tough situations you can't work your way out of, or for the encouraging words you need to keep going. The combination of his simple to follow subscription videos and a thorough clinic and a fantastic social media page have prepared my young daughter to now participate in the training of our horses. My confidence has grown so much since sticking to this program. I am now able to help my horses and communicate on a level few understand but admire. I encourage all those fortunate enough to discover the ``Warwick Schiller performance Horsemanship`` program to take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves and become a member of the most supportive community out there. .. Thank You Warwick for changing our lives and the lives of our horses!
- Josee

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