Bundy (Smart N Tag Chex)

By Whiz N Tag Chex out of Peppys Smarty Socks

Bundy is a 6-year-old quarter horse. We have had him the longest. We bought him as a yearling with hopes of him being a reining horse. When he was 2 he kicked the round pen while acting fresh and fractured his P2 bone.
We were advised we had a 70% chance of him being OK so we went ahead and did the surgery, which involved screwing a plate across the crack in his P2, as well as fusing the P1/P2 joint.

He is the clown of the bunch. He is very active minded and very smart, which has in the past made it a bit of a challenge at times. During his first year of riding there were times I had get inventive teaching some basic body control, because he was so smart he would get ahead of you.  Whereas for the exercise to work well, he couldn’t anticipate.

He can also get frustrated quite easily. If you watched me ride him you wouldn’t think so, because I know how to not get in argument with him.


Murray (Red Metal Gun)

By Spooks Gotta Gun out of  Smart Not Smoken

Murray turns 5 this year. We bought him as a long weanling. He arrived on a transporter at 3 am, and he was a tiny, furry little guy. Furry like a yak. He had the biggest winter coat I’d seen on a horse. And he also seemed very quiet. Unusually quiet.

During his yearling year we had some interns where I was training horses, and I handed over the job of groundwork with him to one of them. I said I think he’s going to be quite dull. When they finished their first session I was told he was anything but dull, he was very feely.

When we brought him in to start him under saddle, we noticed while going back through the groundwork that he seemed a bit “off” in his hind end.  Xrays showed one of the worst cases of juvenile arthritis in his hocks that the vet had ever seen.  It was a case of him not quite developing in utero.  We turned him out for a year on a couple thousand acres and brought him back.  We had to do surgery to geld him because he was also a cryptorchid.  While on the table, the vets also fused one of his hocks.

I started him in early 2017 but Murray was proving to be a very interesting case.  I believe that he is like Sherlock would have been to start.  We stopped the process and let him have the rest of the year off.  I will start again with Murray in 2018 using the focus work and video the process.

While he will never be the reiner he was bred to be, we hope that Murray will be talented like Bundy and be able to travel to expos as a demo horse.


PETEY (Plenty of Guns)

By Dun Gotta Gun out of Plenty of Rest

I purchased Petey for a client in 2011 and showed him for her for several years.  He was then sold to another client, Anna. He was in full time training, so I rode him for about 3 years. About a year after I stopped training horses, Anna was at our New Years Eve party in 2016.  Robyn asked about leasing Petey because there was a new rule that made leases legal in NRHA competition.  Anna wanted to think about it, but 3 days later called and said she had to sell him.  We said YES!

So that’s how we came to own Petey, and that year he and Robyn finished in the NRHA Top 10 for the year in 2 divisions.

I will be using him this year to compete in the World Equestrian Games qualifiers.


ALBERT (Ima Smart Man)

By Im Genuinely Smart out of Burgundy Rosebud

We bought Albert as a yearling in Oklahoma.

We had hoped to make a really good reiner of of him.  Even though we ended up showing him a little, he grew in a shape not conducive to the reining event.  We sold him to a lady as a trail riding horse, but when she had some life changes, he came back to us.

He is an old soul, has just the most wonderful vibe about him. Everyone loves Albert.  He has recently gone to live in Alaska with our friends Kelly & Will Turnage.


SHERLOCK (CD Star Commander)

By Commanders Nic out of CD Star

Sherlock came along at the right time, when I really thought I knew what I was doing. He showed me otherwise and has opened up a whole new way of looking at horses and our interactions with them.

He is a very shut down, hide his feeling type horse. I have gone back to the very beginning with him and I am slowly chipping away at him, from the inside out.

UPDATE: AUGUST 2018 – We are back to riding Sherlock and he is coming along great!


Bella (Lady Isabelle)

By Custom Crome out of Sir This Listosalady

We had a palomino gelding named Tom that we traded for Bella. We call her Aunty Bella as Petey’s mother and she were half-sisters (they were both by Custom Crome). Robyn o showed her in one of the FEI events in 2018 and then bred her to Petey’s sire (and the resulting offspring would be a ¾ sibling to Petey).  Bella is a beautiful chestnut mare with a huge stop, she is due with her baby in May, 2019.


OSCAR (Smart Like Steady)

By Steady Tradition out of Bar S Doc Gay Bar

Oscar is another horse we purchased for our World Equestrian Games quest. He’s such a cool old dude, anyone can ride him.  He is the oldest of our herd, at 14.  Robyn will be showing him at the World Equestrian Games in September 2018.


RINGER (Laser Sharp)

By Marino Marini out of Sharp Blade

Ringer is an Off The Track Thoroughbred turned jumping horse turned rescue horse. I got him from a horse rescue in Galt, California. My plan with him is to sort out his behavioral issues and then learn to jump on him.  We will video the entire process.