September 2017


Breaking down the spook – solving the issue of a jumping horse that spooks at certain fillers in jumps
In this video warwick works with a young lady and her jumping horse in South Africa that tends to spook at certain jumps. he breaks the issue down and finds where the problem begins, and works on a step by step plan of action to solve the issue.

Solving barn sourness African style
In this video Warwick works with a rider and her horse in Kenya. The horse has a number of issues, including not wanting to leave where it gets tacked up, not wanting to be by the mounting block, and being anxious and what people in some countries call “nappy”, which is what we refer to as Destination Addiction. Filmed over 2 sessions, this video is in real time and shows a real problem solved in real time in a less than ideal situation (they have “grooms” get their horses ready for them, so most handling on the ground is done by the grooms.  This video shows you how to deal with a problem without using groundwork first).