October 2016



This DVD features

  • Working with a Fjord driving horse that is difficult to slow down. Filmed at the Dutch clinic, this session is with a Fjord in a cart. The horse does not slow down well, so Warwick starts at the standstill teaching the back up ( or as he refers to it, slowing down from 0 miles per hour) and then progresses to the walk and the trot.

  •  Working on a dull back up with a Haflinger. Filmed at a clinic in Belgium, in this session Warwick helps a rider with a Haflinger that has a dull response to the back up .

  • Getting more energy and engagement in the back up.  Warwick gets asked a lot how to improve the back up once you have taught it. In this video he demonstrates with Bundy a number of different ways to get more energy and engagement while backing, depending on what tools you have available.

  • The importance of checking on the disengage and bend to a stop, in order to keep you safe. In this video, Warwick discusses various situations that can arise from not checking on the disengage or bend to a stop, including footage of a near wreck at a recent clinic.

  •  Teaching your horse to pull a log.  Filmed with Bundy, this video shows some steps you can take to ensure teaching this to your horse goes smoothly and safely.