May 2017


The importance of getting your horse’s eye & thoughts – This video includes the new protocol that Warwick will be implementing into the process.  There are 4 different horses you get to see him work with including Bundy, Murray and 2 from the 2017 Hollister Easter clinic.

The Mustang and the Chicken – Filmed at the 2017 Hollister Easter clinic, Warwick hangs out with Isidro Espinoza’s mustang Eskeleto who will be competing in the June Extreme Mustang Makeover in Reno.  While they are hanging out, the horse appears to be adopting Warwick as his herd mate and does some defensive posturing between he and a chicken who has joined them in the arena.  You decide what you are seeing…

When can you skip the LF and DE** – Something else that Warwick is doing differently at clinics this year is skipping the lateral flexion and disengaging under saddle with horses that have been ridden before but are really rigid or stiff.   In this video he shows you the exercise to do in place of lf and de with horses that fit the above description.

The principle of solving DA** & the 50 foot trail ride – Warwick uses the Choose where you work and choose where you rest principle in addition to the Make the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy to further explain how to solve Destination Addiction and the 50 foot trail ride.

Your horse appreciates it when you ride well – Warwick uses the Make the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy principle and shows you how he got to be able to ride brideless on Albert.