July 2017



Using focus to introduce Hooking On & Groundwork with Rio (now a yearling): The unweaned 4 month old filly, Rio, came back recently, she is now a year old and ready for some more education.

Warwick prepares her for the future by using focus exercises and the beginnings of hooking on and groundwork. There are multiple sessions in this one video.

This video really shows how much of a difference the focus work makes with a horse who does not yet know much.

Left Right Exercise at the Canter: Warwick shows you the left right exercise and it’s benefits at the canter with Tom, a young reining horse.

Many people skip this exercise, or feel it doesn’t apply to their horse, but it is really a great exercise to help their balance, focus , strength, and as we show in this video, an integral part of the flying lead change later on.

Canter Departures with Tom: In this video Warwick talks about canter departures, and how top start to modify them and improve them. He demonstrates on two different horses many of the pitfalls and the corrections for those issues.

Lead Changes with Tom: Using Tom, a young reining horse, Warwick shows you several different problems that can arise in the flying lead change, and shows you how to remedy them.

In the process you will see that every decision he makes, as to what to do, applies to everything else in horse training, so you learn that the flying lead change is really no different to anything else.