January 2017


– 5 Minute Fix – Getting your horse (or your turkey) to respond to your first request

Filmed at the Monterey SPCA, Warwick works with a turkey that likes to intimidate people.

– 5 Minute Fix – Another way to have a horse sidepass up to you on the fence

Warwick shows you another way to get your horse to side pass up to you from the fence.

Using your aids correctly to get a dull horse more motivated (Starring Lynda)
In this video, Warwick works with a rider who has trouble getting her horse to be energetic.  Changing how she applies her aids and when she releases makes a huge difference.

Some general rules for mounting a young or green horse for the first time
Filmed in South Australia in 2015, this video shows a clinic participant mounting an off the track Thoroughbred that she has had for 9 days.

Everything I’ve learned in life I learned from horses
Mindfulness, one of the life lessons Warwick has learned from horses.

Another way to take care of Destination Addiction (starring Anah)
In this video, filmed at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Warwick works with a rescued Thoroughbred and her rider, and helps them with the issue they’ve been having.  During that session, they discover the horse has a little destination addiction and work on it slightly differently than you may have seen before.