February 2017


An exercise for horses that stick their nose out steering or bending to a stop
Filmed at the recent Mesa, Arizona clinic, this video shows a steering exercise on a horse that really pokes his nose out while bending and moving his feet. The culprit turns out to be worry, more than a mechanical problem, and this exercise shows how to get that mental relaxation.

Using transitions in the round pen to encourage relaxation
Once you have the hooking on really good, you can use the tools you created there to do this exercise and really promote some relaxation in your horse.

How maintaining a bend while going forward can promote relaxation on the ground and under saddle
Once your horse steers quite well, and has good forward and bend, you can use those tools to have your horse relax and stretch over their topline.

Hand and body position in lateral flexion under saddle
When you are working on lateral flexion, you are not only working on your horses responsiveness to that rein, you are working on your steering, and your bend to a stop. You are also working on your body position in steering and bending to a stop, and practicing this incorrectly can lead to a dangerous situation if you are trying to use it to defuse a wreck.