Basic Body Control – DVD Set


These three discs demonstrate the exercises that Warwick does with all horses to gain basic body control in the saddle without being in the horse’s mouth more than necessary and teaching the self carriage that is so important for an enjoyable ride. Progressionally presented, Warwick takes you through the process beginning with the basic “Left/Right Exercise” to teach the horse to be attentive to the rider and to go in a straight line on a loose rein.

Warwick’s style mixes the rich tradition of Australian stock and performance horse trainers with a considered style all his own. He does an excellent job explaining the ramifications and building blocks of the elements of each exercise, helping to inform your horsemanship. His work is based off the traditional horseman’s adage to “make the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy”.

This is a great DVD to give you a set of exercises to try with your horse that are independent of any other horsemanship program, and gives the horse mental resting points within an exercise to logic through the desired outcomes. Includes troubleshooting tips.

The discs feature 16 different exercises, starting with the very basic and culminating with the advanced “Teaching The Flying Lead Change”.

Please note that the Warwick Schiller video series are compilations extracted from his online subscription site and ARE NOT full-production quality mastered DVDs.