April 2017


Calming signals (signs of negative thoughts and emotions)
Warwick takes you on his journey of experimenting with Calming Signals.  He tried it with Sherlock, who has been the most challenging horse that Warwick has personally owned.  This video talks about the epiphany he had while at the Tyler, Texas clinic in March 2017 and explains how it all came together.

Transitions in the roundpen with Sherlock
Warwick shows another example of using transitions in the round pen to help promote relaxation.  He is using Sherlock this time, a high level yet shutdown reining horse.  You will see how the process helps this little ball of anxiety in the round pen.

Using FAB to help a horse with a pulling back issue
Katie came to us with a very talented barrel racing horse that she was able to purchase for a song because nobody wanted to deal with a barrel horse that you could not tie to the horse trailer.   Watch as Warwick diagnoses the root problem and addresses it using FAB.

The Principles of Training session at the Pomona Horse Expo (featuring Katy and Bundy)
This is the entire session from Pomona Horse Expo with Warwick using his two horses Petey and Bundy (and help from Katy Negranti).   The two walk through common training situations and Warwick talks about the underlying Principle of Training behind them.  This video includes a tried and true method for getting rid of rushing on the trail that has never been videoed before.