The demand for clinics is so great that we’ve changed them to be subscriber only clinics for rider positions.  We see the clinics as a benefit to our online video library or DVD subscribers who are working through the process with their horses and seek additional hands on observation and feedback from Warwick.  We usually open registration about 6 months prior to the clinic date, giving riders plenty of opportunity to progress through the process with their horses.

**Unlimited Fencesitting available at all clinics unless otherwise noted. Non Subscribers are welcome to spectate. What to expect at a clinic is contained in the first document below, PLEASE READ it if you are coming to watch.  Clinics generally start at 8:30 or 9 AM local time on the first day and 8 AM on the second day and are $25-$30 per person per day, local currency. No need to prebook.

Please contact the person indicated as “contact” if you have any questions please note: waiting list is available

Dates Location Contact Availability
Clinic Participant Package OPEN
October 2018 Equidays North & South Island New Zealand OPEN
November 8-11 Massachusetts OPEN