The demand for clinics is so great that we’ve changed them to be subscriber only clinics for rider positions (EXCEPT FOR JANE PIKE/ROBYN WORKSHOP,  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A VIDEO SUBSCRIBER FOR THIS WORKSHOP).  We see the clinics as a benefit to our online video library or DVD subscribers who are working through the process with their horses and seek additional hands on observation and feedback from Warwick.  We usually open registration about 6 months prior to the clinic date, giving riders plenty of opportunity to progress through the process with their horses.  Please read the FAQ page before you send in your registration form.  Do not pay deposit until you are confirmed for the clinic.

**Unlimited Fencesitting available at all clinics unless otherwise noted. Non Subscribers are welcome to spectate. What to expect at a clinic is contained in the first document below, PLEASE READ it if you are coming to a clinic.  Clinics generally start at 8:30 or 9 AM local time on the first day and 8 AM on the second day and are $25-$30 per person per day, local currency. No need to prebook.

Please contact the person indicated as “contact” if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to be able to attend a clinic with my horse?

Basic Clinic:
– Need to have mastered focus for relaxation and focus and bend both at home and away from home by clinic time (you should have 6 months from registration to clinic – so plenty of time). If riding, need to have mastered the bending for relaxation at the walk and trot and home and away from home if you have not accomplished this by the time you register for the clinic, please list your plan to accomplish this before the clinic**

Do I really need to have taken my horse away from home before attending a clinic and perfect the FAR & FAB there?

Yes. One of the principles of training is “Change 1 Thing at a Time” and taking ahorse to a new place (1 change) with a lot of other horses (2 changes) while the handler is nervous about being in front of Warwick and a crowd (3 changes) is too many changes to be fair to your horse. If you do not do this, then you will be working on it during the clinic.

If riding, do I really need to be able to do the bending for relaxation and have solved destination addiction, at the walk and the trot, at home and away from home, before the clinic?

One of the principles of training is Change 1 Thing at a Time. By doing this work at home first, then perfecting it away from home, your horse will be prepared to work on furthering their education at the clinic.  If you don’t, you will likely work on it at the clinic.

Why the new rules for what a horse needs to be able to do?

In the past, Warwick has spent most of his time at clinics working on the very first thing. This takes quite a bit of time and many times this is all that gets accomplished at the clinic. These new requirements are to help everyone get the most benefit out of both the subscription and the clinic. This includes other participants who came prepared but get held back because others in their group have not worked on the basics.  In saying that, if your horse needs to work on these things at the clinic, we will be working on them at the clinic.

How are the groups structured at the clinics?

Only 12 participants are allowed in each clinic. Participants are divided into 4 groups of 3 and go for 2 hours each.

Dates Location Contact Availability
Clinic Participant Package OPEN
November 8-11 Massachusetts - EQUINE AFFAIRE FULL
Jan 11-12 and 13-14 Elmore Equestrian Centre, VICTORIA, Australia FULL
Jan 18-19 and 20-21 Werribee Equestrian Park, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA FULL
Feb 23-24 Oasis Equestrian, MESA, ARIZONA FULL
March 8-9 & 10-11 Walgrove Ranch, YASS, NSW FULL
March 15-16 & 17-18 Adam Sutton's Place, KULNURA, NSW FULL
April 6-7 Schiller's Place, 300 Torrano Court, HOLLISTER, CA FULL
May 4-5 Highlander Ranch - WACO, Texas OPEN
May 15-16 Forever T Ranch, Auxvasse, Missouri OPEN
May 18-19 Holland Michigan Area, Venue TBD OPEN
  • Clinic Balance Payment Plan

  • Clinic Balance 2 day clinic

  • Clinic Deposit (USD)