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About the App

This app is a step-by-step horse training checklist that includes the very basics of leading your horse through all of the groundwork and progresses to ridden exercises. The process outlined in this app will create a foundation for any horse whether fully trained or barely handled. After completing the exercises in this app, you should be able to continue to train your horse for whatever discipline or activity that you wish to. While this is app is best used in conjunction with Warwick’s online video library subscription, it has enough information to use as a standalone. There is the ability to purchase the full-length training videos that correspond to each of the checklist steps on a website link. You may also purchase access for tracking multiple horses.

Please note: Offline experience is only supported on iOS at this time

  • Training Checklist
  • Corresponding training photos
  • Offline capabilities
  • Ability to track multiple horses in the process
  • Take notes and videos of your horse at each step
  • Rate your horse on each step
  • Common horse problems
  • Common human mistakes
  • Success Tips
  • Share your success on social media