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September 12, 2018
Article by Justine Griffin of Heels Down Magazine

Robyn Schiller describes the signature move of a reining pattern — riding at a full gallop and into a sliding stop — as an act of mindfulness.

“The principles of training are all the same, but the aids may be a little different,” says Robyn, who competed in reining with her husband, the legendary horseman Warwick Schiller, for Australia at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, N.C., this year.

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"What is so great about Warwick is that he gives you the tools you need to have the relationship you want and need with your horses so that YOU can figure out your own way around any training obstacle."


“Life changer - easy to understand, teaches you step by step to train your horse (and yourself) along with training principles. These principles do not only apply to horse training, but to training and learning in general. Makes so much sense! Comes along with encouraging and friendly community.”


"Following Warwick Schiller has been life changing for me. Gave me the ability to have the partnership with my horse I desired, as well as become a better horsewoman and rider. So thankful. It's a fun and rewarding journey.”


"I would recommend Warwick's training plan to everyone. It goes way beyond learning a technique and focuses more about educating and teaching basic principles to the owner. I can not begin to tell you the transformation I have seen in my horse. Before, I felt like I had to control and win with my horse. Now, I have learned to empower my horse to control herself and have a conversation. Can't wait to see where we will go."




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