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"Just want to say I'm so happy with how much I'm learning from your online videos. So nice to see a lot of positive changes in my horse and to feel confident that I'm heading in the right direction from my horses point of view. It's a real sense of achievement. Thank you!"

Kristy Stephens, Botswana, Africa

"Warwick Schiller is the perfect modern horse trainer. He has the right tools to teach with simplicity, patience and understanding, and the right technology to touch even the furthest client on the other side of the world. And let's not forget his great sense of humor that he brings along for the ride! Once you've worked hands on with Warwick Schiller at one of his clinics, there's only one problem, being patient enough to wait for his next clinic! A good trainer and person at heart, we are lucky to have such great help at our finger tips 24/7. Thank you Warwick."

Jennifer Engisch, Switzerland

"I loved fence sitting at the Sydney clinic over the past two days... so much!! I’ve been to several clinics in Australia (including some big time clinicians) and they were all good horseman in their own way. However....none of them have the knack of explaining things and making sense like Warwick does. Sometimes you are so close to "getting something" at clinics but with Warwick the whole thing was a light bulb moment. I understood with his demonstrations, analogies and funny stories...Cant wait to continue the journey of learning."

Suzie, Sydney Australia