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  • The Monthly Subscription is a RECURRING payment, this means that you will be charged each month until you unsubscribe.
  • Once you subscribe, you will receive an email confirmation with login instructions from the host site. Sometimes this email goes to spam. If you do not receive it, just send us a quick email with the date you subscribed and your subscription email address. We respectfully ask that you don’t share your login with anyone (we could put all the copyright legalese here but decided to just ask nicely that only you view the videos that you paid for, although we hear that cats, dogs, children and even baby kangaroos (joeys) like to view too and think that is great!).
  • How to Unsubscribe, (even though we know you won’t want to, I mean you get access to over 350 videos with 2 new hours each month – that has got to be the cheapest horse training out there):
    • Use the UNSUBSCRIBE button on your page if you are on the VIDDLER hosting site (access with a link versus a login/password).
    • If you are on the new hosting site, you can manage your account easily under Account.
    • If you have paid with PAYPAL, then you will need to go to your Profile tab, then Your Money, then Recurring Payments.  You can cancel the recurring payment to us there.
  • How to best view the videos: Google Chrome browser. This is because there are many updates going on behind the scenes with browsers and plugins that allow videos to be viewed. Google Chrome updates these often. If you have left your browser open for some time, close and reopen and it will update automatically. If you are using another browser, we recommend Google Chrome.  Whatever browser you use, make sure it is the most current version.  The same goes with operating system and FLASH player.
  • Refunds: will be given if there is a mistake made on WSPH’s behalf. If you have forgotten to unsubscribe before your renewal, there will be no refund. We fashioned this refund policy after a gym membership or COSTCO refund type policy, if you don’t use it, you still pay until you cancel.
  • New video content will be updated on or about the first of each month. There will be a Facebook announcement, usually an email sent to all people who have signed up to receive email notifications.
  • The videos in the subscription are organized into playlists. On the top right hand corner you will find either a drop down menu or a list of the playlist names. Within these playlists, we have organized the videos in an order, to a point.
  • The order of the playlists is the order you would probably follow along with your horse. If you have a foal, start with the Foal Handling. If you have a yearling or young horse, start with the Yearling Series. If you have an older horse and you are just starting your “Schillering” then you would start with the Hooking On but only if you have a proper round pen/round yard. If you do not have a sturdy one, skip Hooking On and go to the Focus & Balance exercises.  Then go on to Groundwork – we love the Andalusian Series to start with. While we think that Hooking On is super important, and is where we start ALL new horses in training, if you cannot do it properly (putting enough pressure on them without them breaking through the electric fence tape or boards you’ve put up to make a round pen), then please skip it. Remember we want to be safe and we want to do little things extraordinarily well, not a lot of things poorly.
  • The most common answer you will find when we are asked a question about other problems (even ridden problems) is “How is your groundwork?” The importance of groundwork cannot be emphasized enough. Good groundwork. Perfect groundwork. Balanced Groundwork (between desensitized and sensitized).  Not groundwork for the sake of groundwork. This is where a horse learns how to learn coping skills. This is where they learn how to deal with things that might present themselves in a different way later on in life. Make sure your groundwork is REALLY, REALLY good each step of the way before moving onto the next one.
  • If you have a question  post to the Facebook Group


  • Check your internet speed, we recommend at least 5 mbps for optimal experience, it can be viewed with less but 5 is optimal.  Check your speed at look at the download speed.
  • Clear your cache – it seems silly, but it cannot be overlooked.  The cache (or temporary internet files) can be cleared in the following locations:
    • Chrome – preferences>show advanced settings>browsing data
    • Safari – preferences>privacy>remove browsing data
    • Firefox – history>clear recent history
    • Internet explorer – tools>internet options>browsing history
  • Update your browser.  Make sure your browser is up to date.  Check your browser at  then compare with yours, which is usually done by clicking on the name of your browser in the upper left hand corner and then >about “browser name”
  • Reset your internet connection.  The oldest trick in the book.  Reset your router and make sure you have a secure connection.


  • The DVD’s are the same videos as are on the online video subscription. They are just put onto DVDs. We did this because we’ve had many people overseas who do not enjoy the same luxury of fast & cheap internet as others in the world (we are so sorry – since we lived in Australia for 4 years, we totally feel your pain).
  • You can purchase the DVDs in different ways:
    • DVD Subscription – you can sign up for a “yearly” subscription and pay monthly or pay a one time discounted fee. Either way, the month in which you subscribe, you will begin by receiving that month’s “installment” of videos on DVD. Then every month after that, you will receive a DVD with that month’s installments. If you’d like to purchase back issues, you may do so at a discounted subscriber price, please email us for a coupon code.
    • DVD Stand Alone – no subscription required, purchase DVDs whenever you like. Not discounted.
    • If you are an online subscriber and you wish to purchase DVDs you will receive the discounted subscriber price, please email us for a coupon code.
  • Shipping is not included in any of the prices shown EXCEPT the  yearly and monthly subscriptions.  The postage is built into the price. This is for anywhere in the world.
  • The DVDs are Region Free. They should play everywhere in the world.


  • 2016 clinics will be SUBSCRIBER ONLY for riders.
  • Unless otherwise noted, there is unlimited fencesitting, so there is no need to sign up or pay in advance. You can show up on the day (bring a chair, food and drinks with you).
  • If clinic details change or if it happens to cancel, we will do our best to advertise that fact on FB and email those who are signed up as riders.
  • We try to bring merchandise with us to the clinics and can usually fulfill pre-orders if you let us know at least a month before the clinic.
  • Usually the clinics start with Groundwork the first day and the second day is Ridden. It depends on what problems people come with and where they are in the process.
  • What will be covered at the clinic? Because all clinics are filled with different riders of varying experience and knowledge, each clinic is different. They all bring horses with varying degrees of “problems” or things they perceive as problems and therefore it depends on this to give exact details of what will be covered in each clinic.What will be consistent at each clinic is that you will get a demonstration of a thought process that all successful horse people use when working with their horses. Warwick will use each rider and horse combination as another way to demonstrate how the thought process can be applied successfully.This is great, because once you understand the thought process, you will be able to apply it to your own horse and situation and then the possibilities are endless.What can I expect from the clinic?Here is what you can expect at the clinics (intermediate clinics are slightly different in that there will be no groundwork done and the first day progresses faster without all of the stories – do not read this to mean there won’t be any stories.) The first morning we start with 1 group of 6 riders/handlers and they are usually going to work on groundwork all morning. This session will be full of Warwick doing a lot of talking and telling stories. This is to convey the thought process to everyone in different ways so that it is comprehended by the most people. Warwick is passionate about everyone leaving the clinic with at least a firm grasp of this, whether riding or spectating.   Since each person learns differently, one story might resonate with you but not someone else. They may find the “lightbulb” moment in another story that didn’t work for you.   Warwick has been praised for being able to explain things in a way so people do finally understand what they have previously heard from other horse educators. We’ve heard that things “finally click” and “the shoe dropped” and “I finally get it now” after being to a clinic and seeing the demonstration of the thought process.The afternoon starts with a new group of riders/handlers and depending on the skill level, they may start with groundwork and quickly proceed to riding, they may work on groundwork all afternoon or a combination of both.On the second day, the goal is to have everyone riding and progressing through the steps of the process. This is usually the day when everyone has epiphanies and Warwick links everything together from the first day. It is here that we see the progress and celebrate in the changes.What are the start and finish times?

    Start time – 1st day: 8:30/9:00 AM

    Finish time – 1st day: whenever everyone has had attention, usually 5:30 or 6, sometimes later

    Start time – 2nd day: 8:00 AM

    Finish time – 2nd day: whenever everyone has had attention, usually earlier than first day, but sometimes later

    Other information:

    -Usually food and drinks are not available at the venue, it is best to plan on this situation being true.

    -Please bring your own chair, even if there are grandstands/bleachers, your chair will be more comfortable.

    -No videoing please. Photos are fine, but we have the rights to them.

    -You can just show up and pay on the day. Entrance is usually $25-$30 per day in local currency, cash please.

    -Merchandise is available in some locations. Pre-orders are usually taken and organized through the local clinic organizer (or the email listed on the website under “contact” for the specific clinic)

    -There are waiting lists for each clinic. Sometimes, even if long, we go through the entire wait list if a cancellation comes in late. Therefore, if you can be flexible, sometimes it is someone who did not think they would get a riding slot who end up getting one!

    -If you don’t like a lot of talking/story telling/examples, this is probably not the clinic for you.

    -If you are coming to be entertained and watch a lot of action, this is probably not the clinic for you. Warwick is an educator and if you come with the desire to learn more about how you can help your horse learn, then you will be happy with this clinic.

    -What you will find with Warwick is there will be no frills, not a lot of excitement, no secret methods, nothing patented, nor a big sales pitch. What you will get is a straight forward, very thoroughly explained, down to earth, educational couple of days.





  • We are still figuring out the best merchandise to provide to people.  Some of our wearables are made in Australia and can only be shipped to Australia and New Zealand.

How to Communicate with Warwick

  • The first way is through the Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship Facebook GROUP. This is a closed group, so you need to ask to join it. When Warwick is not traveling, he is very active on the page.
  • Email is the last way. Usually this is not answered by Warwick, but someone on his team.
  • The Facebook group listed above is very positive and supportive. If Warwick doesn’t answer something you will normally have it answered by someone else who is well versed in the process.