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""I just want to say to you that your training methods and instruction that my wife has watched has been amazing. She has taken everything in and she is loving every bit of it. As a mum of 2 kids, the learning and teaching she does with her horse Blake is “mum’s time” this is a great time out from running a busy household.

I see her out there teaching her horse what she has seen Warwick do and the smile on her face is fantastic

I just want to say from a husbands point of view Keep up the great work and that’s for sharing all the knowledge.""

− Matthew Robinson, Victoria, Australia

""Warwick Schiller is the perfect modern horse trainer. He has the right tools to teach with simplicity, patience and understanding, and the right technology to touch even the furthest client on the other side of the world. And let's not forget his great sense of humor that he brings along for the ride! Once you've worked hands on with Warwick Schiller at one of his clinics, there's only one problem, being patient enough to wait for his next clinic! A good trainer and person at heart, we are lucky to have such great help at our finger tips 24/7. Thank you Warwick.""

− Jennifer Engisch, Switzerland

""Warwick doesn't keep any secrets about the way he teaches horses and riders. The videos are with real problem horses and young horses. They are uncut, made for education, not entertainment. Our clinic with Warwick in Germany gave me his personal feedback that I have managed to teach my horse very good basics by working with the his videos. I have never trained a young horse on my own, but with the videos and Warwicks unbelievable talent of spotting the important little things we are up to teaching the spin now." "

− Anne Herbig, Germany